Thursday, 1 April 2010

My Room

Eeeek. Okay, so I haven't finished this joiner yet, and I still have one more to produce but I think that when I do finally finish this joiner it will look really good. My room is a very odd shape. It has two rectangular parts to it and it's sort of in a 'T' shape. I have only taken photos of half of my room (the top of the 'T') but I think if I did this again I would somehow take photos of my whole room and put them together.

Another thing I have started to do here slightly differently is to put in bigger parts of an object, surrounded by lots of little ones. For example, the middle of my window is out of proportion. Also, the other night I took a few more images. I photographed the view out of my window so I may change one of the window squares. Even if I don't doing this has given me an idea to do it in the future.

The idea to do a joiner of purely my room came from the joiner of Pepe and Kat. It's the first joiner of a person I did where I didn't just focus on my subject, I also included a large amount of the surroundings. So it gave me the idea to not focus on a person at all.

So like, 700 pictures later this is the result. In the end I did decide to do the whole of my room.

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